Outdoor Photography Instruction

A series of articles written by Rob L. Suisted - Nature's Pic Images

Published in New Zealand Outdoor Magazine

The following 15 articles were designed to help outdoors people gain a better understanding of photography. 

They were published over a 2 year period in NZ Outdoor Magazine.

You're welcome to learn from them as you like...

1. Camera Basics Mastering your camera. Posted
2. Move out of the Ordinary Capturing movement on film. Posted
3. The Gear for Deer An introduction to big game photography. Posted
4. Exposure Control Getting to grips and tips for correct exposures. Posted
5. Capturing the Memories A touch of photo-jounalism in the outdoors. Posted
6. Getting close up to photography Mastering the art of MacroPhotography Posted
7. The Point and Pull Tool  Photography with the Point and Shoot Camera Posted
8. A polarised view of the world  Using Lens Filters Posted
9. Searching for Support Getting sharper images by correct technique Posted
10. Bird Photography An intro. to capturing wild birds on film Posted NEW!
11. Applied Photography A challenge - shots of an endangered native fish Coming...
12. Fly Fishing Photography Catching the catchers on film! Coming...
13. Wilderness Photography Capturing NZís magnificent scenery on film. Coming...
14. The Meaning of Light Using Nature's magnificent lighting displays Coming...
15. Caring for your gear Looking after your camera equipment. Coming...

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